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Aaron Rodriguez discusses innovative solutions that are transforming workspaces

Innovative solutions are transforming workspaces: it’s no secret that the way offices used to be managed has changed, giving way to new options. More and more companies are adopting the coworking model. Aaron Rodriguez, a specialist in business optimization, discusses the most innovative technological solutions for space management.

Companies looking to expand require innovative technology solutions. Consumers expect immediate answers, no matter where they are. They demand instant, personalized service and attention.

“As you expand into new markets, it’s in your best interest to automate operations,” says Rodriguez. “In the case of coworking facilities, one of the measures is to have space management software.”

Innovative solutions are technological answers to facilitate tasks and increase customer satisfaction. The fact that people can make reservations at any time is a differentiating element. This way, you will gain more clients, and they will have the security of having a space for their activities. It is a response that generates well-being and satisfaction with less effort.

“Another aspect we cannot lose sight of is that we are still in a pandemic,” Rodriguez suggests. “Consequently, you must be able to guarantee physical distancing measures. In that regard, innovative technology solutions are a big help.”

Space control software such as Corporate Workplace is a useful tool for managing space while maintaining distance. Each user can select a space and reserve it. In addition, Corporate Lobby keeps records of visitors, which is also helpful.

In the facilities area, there are numerous challenges in terms of technological innovation. In contrast to offices with fixed workstations, coworking spaces are constantly rotated. However, as a manager, you need to know the availability of the workstations.

Controlling the flow of people and the pandemic are major challenges in space management. Fortunately, there are innovative solutions. Even so, you still need to know the occupancy rates of the spaces to maintain the right physical distance. In addition, the flow of people must also be controlled to track contacts in case of contagion.

“If you set out to create world-class facilities, it is paramount that you incorporate innovative solutions. Customers demand immediate and simultaneous responses, as several of them can make requests at the same time,” Rodriguez points out.

Incorporate innovative technological solutions to manage spaces. This allows you to manage the coworking space with peace of mind while offering excellent customer service.
The best way to keep everyone happy, without losing your sanity in the process, is to digitize. That way, everyone benefits; and you can take care of the human aspects, such as cordiality, and create a pleasant atmosphere.

The advantage of coworking is that you can work autonomously according to your own time: Corporate Workplace is an innovative technological solution that allows the user to consult a map of the place and reserve available spaces.

This software also indicates the hours of occupation. Then, other users know at what time they can schedule that same place. In addition, it alerts the maintenance team about which spaces are still available so that they are clean and ready for the next customer.

A more complex issue to control is visitors to the coworking space. Typically, there are delivery people, interviewees, clients of clients, and so on. Keeping track of them and ensuring security can be a problem. The good news is that innovative technological solutions such as Corporate Lobby solve this difficulty. This software provides access to a visitor registration system and generates reports that let you know who is on the premises.

“Space management requires innovative solutions; fortunately, the technology already exists to facilitate these processes. Manually managing the allocation of spaces in the office or parking lots is cumbersome; moreover, it leads to errors that annoy clients,” Rodriguez concludes.

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