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Aaron Rodriguez explains how to create customer loyalty through marketing

Customer loyalty strategy is the most profitable strategy that any company can adopt. To discuss the subject in more depth, it is necessary to understand several of the most effective customer loyalty marketing techniques. Remember that the key to customer loyalty is the relationship between the company and the customer. In order to create and nurture that relationship, regular communication with the customer is necessary. Aaron Rodriguez, an expert with years of marketing-related studies, explains how customer loyalty can be increased through today’s marketing styles.

The customer is constantly receiving stimuli and advertising that try to get his attention. On top of that, he or she is so busy with a thousand things, personal and professional, that once he or she has bought a product or obtained a service, they usually forget about the company. To avoid disappearing from their mind, customer loyalty marketing is based on regular communication. Without it, the customer “cools off,” puts you on the back burner and no longer takes you into consideration.

However, many companies do not use customer loyalty marketing properly and the only regular communication they do is to send new offers by email, or only call the customer when they want a new purchase. This is definitely a mistake. This way of acting gives a very self-serving image on the part of the company because the key to regular communication that achieves customer loyalty is to provide value for the customer. In other words, the company communicates with the users to get to know them better and seek solutions to their needs and not only when it is interested in selling.

“The basic premise is that every time we communicate with the customer, we provide them with valuable information. This way, when we have a launch, offer, or promotion to offer them, they will be much more receptive to buy. If the company only remembers the customers when it wants to sell them something, not only will we not have built customer loyalty, but quite the opposite,” Rodriguez explains.

There are several ways to put these basic principles into practice. First is the automated communication sequence; a marketing technique to build customer loyalty. Using an automated communication sequence or better known as the autoresponder, this customer loyalty technique can be applied with ease.

Email should be the backbone of this sequence for several reasons. First of all, it allows sending relevant messages to the customer through a good segmentation of the customers, classifying them according to interests, purchases, geography. If CRM (Customer Relationship Management) does not facilitate these actions, the company’s customer loyalty capacity will be affected.

When it comes to building a sequence of messages, there are several effective communication ideas once the prospect’s email address is obtained. For example, thank you messages after the purchase. Be grateful and thank them for choosing you. Take the opportunity to remind them that the company is at their disposal to solve any questions or doubts.

A message to know the opinion of the service or product is never too much. It is advisable to send this message several days after the purchase or consumption. Each opinion will help you to know if the expected value is being obtained, as well as to communicate to the customers that their opinion counts and that it is important for you to improve. If the customer answers positively, you should take advantage of the opportunity to ask them to use this opinion or review on the web, or ask them to write it themselves on pages where customer opinions are shown.

There are also messages sending some useful information. For example, content with information related to the subject of the product that has been purchased or contracted, other services or areas of work of the company that may be of interest. The key is to provide valuable content every time you contact the customer, either with information, thanks or a warranty. And finally, sending messages with exclusive discounts, when noticing that the client is already a loyal customer, is a very good strategy.

Rodriguez asserts, “The key to customer loyalty marketing is to build a sequence with the options the company has. The first two tips (thank you and feedback) are basic and it is highly recommended to apply them in all kinds of businesses; they have a very positive effect on customers.”

Never leave social networks aside. The use of social networks is another effective marketing technique to build customer loyalty. Networks are not so much for selling and campaigning, but to demonstrate to users that social networks are a channel for listening and bidirectional communication between the company and the client/follower. The networks allow to humanize the brand and seek fluid and transparent communication.

In short, customer loyalty marketing is based on knowledge of the public and communication that provides value. Automating it through a marketing and sales CRM and complementing it with dialogue on social networks are two key techniques that enable the company to build customer loyalty and turn them into true prescribers of the brand.

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