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Aaron Rodriguez explains how to use artificial intelligence to improve business management

The incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) in the management and administration of companies favors their management and optimizes results. Its utilities and functions are very broad, from online behavior prediction to automatic and systematic data management and analysis. Thanks to the integration of this type of development into the business management software, it is possible to go a step further and turn it into a real digital nervous system for companies, implementing customer experience and workplace productivity tools. Aaron Rodriguez, a specialist in business optimization, explains how AI has come to change the game concerning improving business management.

AI is a replication of human intellect through complex technological processes and systems. “Thanks to technological advances, it is now possible to extrapolate some of the unique peculiarities and capabilities of the human brain to technology. We can apply technology to any field and, therefore, it is possible to nurture inert beings with human thought,” Rodriguez explains.

Giving life to any entity has its advantages. The most important one is that it is possible to complement the human intellectual effort and add a plus through technology that will allow us to save time. We already know that time is money. The machines that emerged during industrialization are based on mechanical processes. However, the implementation of AI allows them to solve problems and make decisions on their own.

“Technology applies to any field that is of interest to human beings. One of them is business,” Rodriguez asserts. “If we analyze where the most time is wasted as an entrepreneur, it is in business management. There can be no margin for error. Resource optimization is where all efforts should be concentrated to maximize the benefits that AI brings in a business structure.”

Business management has become increasingly complex as the massive volume of data generated every day by each individual is greater. Technology has had a lot to do with this and, in order to simplify processes, a great opportunity has been identified to enhance business development and management.

“Having access to so much data, we must understand that they all have their function and usefulness. Losing them along the way translates into a loss of information and, therefore, of productivity and money. Analyzing and making decisions based on this data is a key factor for certain activities in the company,” Rodriguez suggests.

Every department in a company is subordinate to a business management system that ensures its proper functioning. In all of them, the optimization of resources in the shortest possible time is rewarded, guaranteeing the maximization of profits. The accelerator that allows this goal to be reached sooner is AI. AI improves all the variables that directly affect business management functions: productivity, workers, customers, products and the labor market.

Some of the advantages of AI in the sales department are that it automatically populates, monitors, and updates activities related to the company’s CRM database, recommends the best response to a customer via email, and also tracks each stage of the funnel to determine the likelihood of conversion to a sale. It will identify why the user did not end up making the purchase.

In the case of the marketing sector, AI can also work wonders. It automatically predicts what the opening rate of an email will be, as well as the subscription rate to a newsletter. It sends products recommended exclusively for each user based on recent purchases.

“AI, especially machine learning, is the most important general-purpose technology of our era,” Rodriguez asserts. The impact of these innovations on business and the economy will be reflected not only in their direct contributions but also in their ability to enable and inspire complementary innovations, new products, and processes are made possible by AI.

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