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Aaron Rodriguez explains the two top words in current business innovation

With the advent of the digital era, the accessibility provided by the Internet has completely changed the traditional way of doing business, which has turned to reinvent themselves around its advantages, to be more connected to their customers. Aaron Rodriguez, an expert consultant on all things business and eCommerce, explains in detail what the two essential words are for companies to have a secure future potential today.

According to a report recently shared by Rodriguez about the current situation in Mexico, by early 2021, 71% of the population was connected to the Internet, while 98.7% owned smartphones and almost 50% had banking applications and financial services. It was also revealed that 54% of users make monthly online purchases, indicating a marked trend towards the transition to a digital economy.

“Only in entertainment we found that 83.3% pay or subscribe to monthly paid streaming services such as Spotify or Netflix, platforms that anticipated this trend by offering options completely tailored to their tastes and interests of users,” Rodriguez indicates. “Taking these figures and trends into account, companies are focusing their customer service through eCommerce channels prioritizing cell phones as the main means of contact.”

In the online casino industry, for example, it is now common to find review platforms such as BonusFinder Colombia, completely accessible from anywhere in the world, allowing users to choose between different sportsbooks or online casinos according to the bonuses, games, and payment methods that most appeal to them, as they keep in mind that, in this globalized era, the Internet has erased all kinds of borders.

Rodriguez asserts, “In this sense, companies such as Amazon and Alibaba have managed to consolidate themselves as leaders in the sale and delivery of products from countless companies to customers all over the world. Their business model manages to turn them into the bridge that connects buyers or end customers with sellers, being able to act as distributors of global reach, thanks to their logistical capacity to deliver and track each order.”

Walmart Mexico is also seeking to expand its reach by launching Walmart Pass, a membership program in which beneficiaries will receive free and unlimited shipping on purchases over 499 pesos. The company promises to deliver to its customers all its vast product offerings in three hours, aiming to become the favorite online retailer of all Mexicans.

Locally, companies in the food, beverage, and mass consumption sectors have also adapted to this model by allying with delivery companies to guarantee not only easy access to their products but also the immediacy of their delivery. The delivery app Rappi in particular, has excelled in the continuous innovation of its services and its most recent proposal Rappi Turbo has exceeded expectations. By being able to enlist orders in less than two minutes and deliver them within a radius of two kilometers, the associated delivery drivers have made deliveries with a maximum average of nine minutes, being a resounding leap that will make life easier for thousands of people.

Thanks to the use of new technological tools and a more connected world, it has been possible to find solutions that reduce the distance between consumers and businesses, bringing more value to their relationships.

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