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Aaron Rodriguez instrumental in establishing new marketplace for the Colon Free Zone in Panama

Economic recovery across Latin America continues following the impact caused by COVID-19. In all areas, countries are mounting new offensives to improve their stability, as well as proactively building on existing projects to extend their reach. An initiative to bring new life to the Colon Free Zone has just been completed. Business process and management expert Aaron Rodriguez was directly involved in ensuring its successful launch.

Panama continues to develop initiatives for economic reactivation, as established by the work agenda of the country’s government. To that end, the manager of the Colon Free Zone, Giovanni Ferrari, announced the initial phase of what will be a marketplace in the region. It comes about through a cooperation agreement signed with Golden Atlantic Group (GAG), with Rodriguez overseeing the transaction. Aaron Rodriguez, the signatory on behalf of the company GAG, expressed his excitement about this agreement because it is a synergy between a need that, at this moment, the world demands in order for Panama to be competitive. He stated, “This is definitely an important and valuable step forward for the Colon Free Zone and Panama. I’m thrilled that I have been able to be a part of it and humbled by the opportunities provided.”

The Colon Free Zone develops these types of initiatives, coupled with technological knowledge and human resources, helping Panama rise to the level of international markets. The people benefit, merchants of the area benefit and even the province of Colon benefits. “For the Free Zone as a special entity, which is an area of wholesale trade, but now we are also going to do it in this retail modality. The world of commerce is taking us to new avenues to look for that trade, that activity for which the Colon Free Zone was born 73 years ago and that still remains our guide. Above all, it leads to the creation of jobs and the contribution to the national economy,” explained Ferrari during the signing ceremony of this agreement.

Ferrari expressed great pleasure in that this agreement was signed with a user company, which marks another milestone because, through the years and in recent times, the administration has made transactions and agreements with technology companies. However, on this occasion, it is covered by the peculiarity that it is a user company that takes this space. Added Ferrari to Rodriguez and GAG, “My wish is that this agreement is that threshold, a new step for sales growth, in this case, electronic. Thank you for getting to the point we got today. We’re sure we’ll do something that’s going to be of great benefit.”

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